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Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Hosting are just a few of our services.

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All of our Search Engine Marketing plans get awesome support and incredible tools to help your company attract more traffic to your websites and ultimately more customers to your business.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

In depth analysis of targeted keywords for our customers providing maximum traffic to their websites. Choosing the correct keywords can be the difference between a successful website and a failure. Let us help you choose the keywords that will generate the best results.

Mobile SEO

Mobile Web Design

Every Raptor Website is built with mobile responsiveness. This means that no matter what device you use to view your website, it will look great. No more resizing your screen zooming in on your smartphone to be able to read content like you have to with most SEOs.

Landing Page SEO

Beautiful Landing Pages

We build landing pages that focus on what your users are looking for online. Instead of cluttered up pages with too much keyword stuffed content, we focus on pages that will convert users into clients for you. All designs are custom and never reused on other clients.

Performance SEO

Campaign Performance

On a weekly basis we will review your campaigns performance with you making adjustments as we go along based on need. This is how we can ensure that you are not only ranking for what you should to but also getting traffic and clients from your website to your business.

90% of luxury buyers research products in search engines before purchasing

I’m always needing dependable, honest, and competent vendor relationships that I can share with my clients. Raptor Websites has provided excellent, effective web design and SEO for many of my clients. In fact, they did so well, I hired them myself, and they produced the same excellent results for me in my business. I highly recommend their team. I would recommend them over any of the other Las Vegas SEO Companies I have looked into.

Cody Lewis - Lewis Real Estate Agents

I needed my website rebuilt and asked Joseph and his team to help me out. The website I ended up with was exactly what I was looking for and a little better. In addition to it being a great site they also made sure that it looked good on my phone which was a big plus for me. We are now talking about SEO for my site and I am looking forward to the exposure it will give me. I have recommended them to many of my associates and will continue to do so as the opportunities arise.

Chuck Mohler - Eagle CFO Consulting

Working with Joseph has been an excellent experience for us. As a software engineer who didn’t have the time to create the site for our business, I wanted to work with someone who could speak to me about details and process and provide for us what we needed. Joseph was responsive and detail oriented and able to give us guidance on the design aspect. He and his company come highly recommended and we continue to work with him as our business expands.

Tony Benjamin - TEK Computing Solutions

I first met Joseph and his team about five years ago when we were working on a website and SEO together. I had never worked with him before but he was referred by someone I trusted so we took the leap. Not only did he build a site that was exactly what we laid out, but he helped it to rank in search engines which skyrocketed our traffic and customers. We are currently working on another project and I am 100% certain we are going to have an equally great experience.

Jennifer Day - Steinburg Diagnostics

Cool tools

We’ve got you covered from Web Design to online marketing. Our Dev tools keep your campaign on track and your customers flowing.

Blogging SEO

Blogging and Content

We create high value content every working day of the week for our clients. Most other companies will do some work here and there a couple of times a month delivering pretty pathetic results. With our constant content updates our clients are 4x more likely to rank.

Google+ SEO

Google+ Rankings

Getting ranked in Google Places is essential to a successful SEO campaign. We work to rank our clients in both places and organic results generating high quantity and high quality traffic to their websites. This traffic is then converted into paying clients for our customers.

Links SEO

Link Mangement

Link building is a over used term in the SEO world. We don’t build links here at Raptor, we manage them. This ensures that you only allow the highest quality of sites to link back to you creating the popularity you need to rank higher in the search engines.

Data & Analytics

You get built-in integration with Google Analytics, the leader in web stats. Know about your visitors and what they want so you can better serve them and turn them into customers. Additional reports are generated using SEO MOZ on a month basis to track rankings.

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The SEO Process

SEO Companies often focus on getting through your website as fast as possible. They build a bunch of links and write some blog posts telling you that is all you need.

A good SEO company will work hard to make sure you actually get something for your money, which is ranking. Here is our process for getting a website ranked number 1:

Las Vegas SEO

We do Las Vegas SEO  at Raptor Websites and have been marketing websites through SEO for about eight years with great results. If you found this page without a referral from someone you know personally, chances are it was because of the SEO work we do for Raptor Websites.

About SEO

SEO is the process of getting a website ranked higher in the search engines. It takes a lot of hard work and good clean coding to get a website ranked higher which makes our job very difficult but very rewarding.

Out of all the Las Vegas SEO, companies, Raptor Websites is the premier company in the Las Vegas area specializing in Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and PPC advertising.

  • Creation of Website 10%
  • Mobile Responsive Design 20%
  • Directory listings and subscriptions 30%
  • On Page Optimization for Keywords 40%
  • Off Page Optimization including Link Managment 50%
  • Analytics and Webmaster Tools Integration 60%
  • Moz Tracking and Analytics Integration 70%
  • Monthly Meet-Ups and Progress Checks 80%
  • Continual High Quality Content Creation 90%
  • Number One Rankings in Search Engines 100%

Where We Came From

Raptor Websites was started by Joseph Stevenson. Joseph grew up outside Kingman Arizona in a very small area called Golden Valley. He began his coding career by building calculators and story games in GW Basic. For fun he would look through the directories using command prompt hoping to uncover secret programs or codes. Two of his older brothers were also into computers receiving computer science degrees and working for prominent companies such as Adobe and BP. This family tradition helped Joseph to nurture his creative side and begin building websites in 2006. Now competing with other Las Vegas SEO companies, Raptor Websites strives to keep to the basics by doing high quality work for every client that we work with.

Out of all the Las Vegas SEO Companies we try very hard to make sure we earn your business. Let us know what we can do to build you a great website!

Learn More

There are many other SEO Companies that will claim to get you the best service you can buy. The best way to test these Las Vegas SEO companies is to look at their current work and previous work. If they have a lot of satisfied clients and beautiful websites then you are probably safe. We are definitely not wanting to claim that out of all the SEO companies, that we are the only ones that are good. Instead we hope that we will earn your business and trust by admitting that we are one in a thousand companies that will do a great job for you. Contact us to talk more about what we can do.

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